Review of double your dating

This review begins with a quick anecdote on why I like David D’s stuff so much, then I talk a bit about the “big idea” behind LTFC, then I briefly cover exactly what you get in the course and what all it covers, and then I’ll wrap things up by sharing my personal opinion on the value of this material and who I would recommend it for.I first discovered David De Angelo when I was re-entering the dating world after a 8 year hiatus (AKA a horrible relationship), during which time my self-esteem had taken a severe beating.

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She was everything I ever wanted in a girl, beautiful, she seemed down to earth, and hot. Just imagine, the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen…gorgeous eyes, beautiful hair…and a body to die for.My heart actually started beating faster and faster!I figured she MUST get hit on all day by guys just like me, so I didn’t want to sound like a guy that was trying to pick her up… I TRIED to think of something to say, but in reality, my mind was a BLANK. Instead I was conquered by my own inner fears of not wanting not wanting to cause an awkward moment or be laughed at.I was ignorant when it came to women and it hurt to think that I might end up ALONE while everyone else was having fun.

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