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We now have dozens of smart devices in our houses and even on our bodies.

They improve our lives in so many ways – from lowering energy consumption in our homes to egging us on to be active.

To use OTR, both you and the person you're chatting with need to use instant messaging software that supports it.

I use a Mac OS X client called Adium, which works with Google, AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo's chat networks, among others. OTR works as an extension to conventional instant messaging networks, seamlessly adding privacy to the IM networks you already use.

I had no reason to doubt its authenticity and agreed to help. ” Soheil wasn’t especially polite, but being a bit rude is a young Tehrani affectation, and I suggested he call my cell phone instead.

In subsequent direct messages, the presenter said that his colleague, Soheil Suduki, would follow up with me on Skype, for a short conversation. The afternoon “Soheil” called me on Skype, I was at Waterloo Station, in its usual mad, commuting-time rush. He seemed intent on staying on Skype, and I obligingly found a Pret A Manger.

You can configure Adium or Pidgin so that if a person you're chatting with is also running an OTR-capable client, it will automatically encrypt the conversation. Make secure calls with Silent Circle The conventional telephone network is vulnerable to government wiretapping.

According to reports, Microsoft-owned Skype has been found to read everything users write via their accounts and this practice is being exercised by the service provider frequently.

The report says that after sending HTTPS URLs over the instant messaging service, these URLs get an unannounced visit from the Microsoft headquarter.

This incident was reported by a user who had observed some unusual network traffic right after a message was sent via Skype.

The resulting server log showed that, the HTTPS URLs sent over Skype were visited by an IP address registered to Microsoft.

If recent reports are to be believed, the National Security Agency has broad powers to capture private information about Americans.

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