Libra and sagittarius dating

But Sagittarius should be mindful of their harsh tongue for it may hut the sensitive Libra.But the good part is that Libra is not only good at forgiving and forgetting, but also avoids conflicts at all costs.Libra will help Sagittarius get a home and together they will travel. Friends could also be a source of gossip and or jealousy.A strong attraction will survive any emotional dramas or showdowns.Only if there's true companionship and a meeting of the minds will he feel truly satisfied and fulfilled in a relationship.A Sagittarius woman is restless, spontaneous, and always on the move.Still problems would persist in your relationship area where feelings and emotions would be the focus.

Sagittarius provides substance and intensity to Libra.In 2017, Jupiter would be placed in the solar 9th house for Sagittarius natives and this would bring about harmonious and compatible relationships in your life.Later when Jupiter transits to the house of Virgo, Sagittarius natives would see their relationship enter a new phase of dynamism and compatibility.As such in their diplomatic and charming manner Libra always finds a way to smoothen up the ruffled feathers.Libra is ruled by the Planet of Love, Venus; while Sagittarius is ruled by the Planet of Luck and Philosophy, Jupiter.

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