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This was Laurel Cottage, and each day a fire was lit, and papers were delivered to the cottage.

For the statutory list and information on the current listed status of individual buildings please go to The National Heritage List for England.

South nave wall clearly displays the progressive enlargement of the church.

Hi I have a String[] array that contains dates in the format YYYY/MM/DD. I just basically need help regarding the if statement that checks if there are 3 consecutive dates.

I want to iterate through this array and see if the next 2 elements in the array contain consecutive dates. localdates: [2004-01-23, 2004-01-24, 2004-01-25, 2004-01-26, 2004-01-29, 2004-02-11, 2004-02-17, 2004-02-18, 2004-02-19, 2004-03-07] triplet Count: 3 triplet Dates: [2004-01-25, 2004-01-26, 2004-02-19] .

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