Lenght of dating before marrige saudi arabia dating site

This means that a relationship should always be “progressing” and if it ever is not leading toward engagement or marriage then it would be stagnating.

Overall, I think 3-4 months in the minimum period before engagement and should not be longer than 12 months.

For me the way I approach things now is with women is that I ask them out on “dates” but then I start vetting them right away in terms of questions to get to know them via contact with text, e-mail, or online conversation.THe kicker is, I decided to end it, after that night.Soooo…long should someone do the “boyfriend/girlfriend” thing before a decision to get engaged/be married be?Through further research, I discovered why people might jump to conclusions about imposing a standardized dating timeline.According to Thomas Lee, Ph D, from the department of Human and Family Development at Utah State University, one of the predictors for divorce includes your length of acquaintance.

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