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Due to the complexity of quarantine laws (and to guarantee the health of your pet), Virgin Australia will only accept pets for international travel from approved International Pet & Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) pet agents. ) safe, there are a few rules and guidelines to follow, as set out below.Virgin Australia reserves the right to refuse carriage of animals in its sole discretion which do not meet the requirements set out below.Although I read a ton of tips from other people, I also knew that every person, dog, and situation is different so I went into the experience with an open mind and flexible attitude. Disclosure: This article contains (affiliate links). That means we get a few pennies every time you click a link and make a purchase.Buying things you need anyway helps support this blog and we totally appreciate that! Pockets on the outside of your pet carrier are indispensable.Gretel and I were invited to attend the Pet Safe Paw Print Blogger Summit in Knoxville, TN last month.

Each airline decides if they will allow you to travel with your pet in the passenger cabin.

Each animal and cage that is checked in will be counted as a 'piece' of baggage and any excess charges will be applied as they would for additional items of baggage.

In addition to any applicable excess baggage or prepaid Extra Bag charges, a pet carriage fee will apply and this will be charged at the airport on the day.

If the airline does allow you to bring your pet into the cabin, your pet container is considered to be carry-on baggage and must be small enough to fit underneath the seat.

To find out about this option, call the airline well in advance of your flight, because there are limits to the number of animals allowed in the cabin area.

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