Dating rogers drums

His son began making drums in the mid-1930s at a Farmingdale, New Jersey location.

Incidentally, I have heard the 5 ply Rogers (1976) and Xp8 (1978) I thought they sounded good without "rims." The ones I almost got, minus the Dyna, for the same price. HOOKED ON VINTAGE ROGERS 12 tom times 3 13 tom times 3 16 floor tom times 3 22 BD times 2 24 BD 1 Dyna-sonic snare 1976 Dyna-sonic snare 1969 24 x 12 Djembe 21" K Hybrid custom ride 21" Avedis ride 18" A Custom Zildjian fast crash 17" A Custom Zildjian med crash 15" A Custom Zildjian Reso hats 10" A Custom fast splash 18" A Custom China LP Cowbell baby..always more cowbell Member of "PHROGGES AQUARIAN ARMY" The Zildjian League Drum Chat's Record for Most Users Online BE COUNTED! I'll post pictures tomorrow (I promise) when I wake up. These are just a few of the items you will find there.There is a special article on the tuning and set-up of the Rogers Dynasonic snare drum and a complete history of early Rogers Farmingdale Drums.I bought both the print and Kindle versions, so I must really like this book.Having owned a Rogers Drum Set, it was a great look back at the history of a company known (at one time) for quality and innovation.

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