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For solid materials, this means that the silicate matrix either needs to be fully decomposed by mixed acid digestion before instrumental analysis, or a solid sampling technique such as X-ray fluorescence needs to be used.However, to address the needs of national and European level environmental authorities, information on leachable concentrations of the elements was also considered to be important.The reason for the last two points in particular is that the data are planned to be used extensively for environmental purposes, such as in the assessment of background concentrations of elements in different materials for setting up or updating national or European maximum contaminant levels (MCLs).The FOREGS geochemical project is also widely regarded as a pilot for the IUGS project 360 (Global Geochemical Baselines), the aims and methodological requirements of which are described by Plant et al. Accuracy of the European dataset is therefore essential since it may be used to 'normalise' other geochemical data at national and international scales worldwide.This may restrict some skilled but poorly equipped laboratories from participating fully in the global project in the future.Total element concentrations are most relevant for geochemical interpretation of data.The package contains the gfortran Fortran 95 compiler with many Fortran 03 and 08 features including coarrays, the Code:: Blocks graphical user interface, Open MP, modules for interval arithmetic, Plplot, GNUPlot, high precision reals and other types, the BLAS and LAPACK libraries with the MATRAN Fortran wrapper, lots of example code, the Fortran Tools manual, and the following books in electronic form: Code:: Blocks may be used to edit, compile, run, and debug Fortran programs.Click on the image to the left to see a screen shot showing the use of Code:: Blocks to edit and execute a simple program. The Fortran Tools Manual may be viewed to learn more about the features of the Fortran Tools. Please read FIRST - this is your installation document.

For older systems, gretl 1.9.3 runs on Windows 2000 (and does not require SSE2), and gretl 1.6.5 is the most recent version that will run on Windows 98.We've added some new features and made some bug fixes with this new release.We are currently in the process of updating all the supported distros with the latest version. Download u Get 2.0.4 Today is u Get Release Day, in addition to u Get for Android in Google Play, we are excited to announce the immediate availability of the latest version of u Get, version 2.0.4.As of version 1.9.4, gretl requires Windows XP or higher and a processor that supports the SSE2 instruction set.SSE2 support is found in all modern processors; it is absent in AMD CPUs prior to the Athlon 64, and in Intel CPUs prior to the Pentium 4.

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