Vega banjo dating

When you see Goodtime Special on the peghead, that lets you know that the banjo has a tone ring in the pot assembly; that is what distinguishes it from the non-tone ring models..I will be happy to review them and help you find out what banjo you have.The most common gauge of strings used on any Deering/Goodtime/Vega banjo is our private label factory light gauge strings made for us by Dunlop Manufacturing here in California. These lighter gauge strings will give the banjo a wonderful sparkle and liveliness and because they are not too heavy, they are easier for most players to manipulate with success.We do have some signature model Deering banjos that have special gauge string packages. These are the gauges specifically chosen by Jens Kruger for best sound on the Tenbrooks Saratoga Star, Tenbrooks Legacy, and the Jens Kruger signature model.

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Plus - did some of the better "axe handle makers" follow him somewhat later - or did he hire a new and more skilled crew for the new Groton works? A gracious man sent me a copy of the first The Banjoist - April 1915 - published by Fred Bacon.However Mandolas and Mandocellos are quite rare, and this example is the only of its kind that we’ve as yet discovered.The instrument features a long 18.25” scale, arched spruce top and mahogany back. I wonder - when was the first Thames River Bridge built - connecting New London and Groton? There has been a thriving ferry business out of New London, right near the bridges and the Bacon factory.Most likely demolished after the first Goldstar bridge had been finished in 1943. I know it was active between New London and Groton in the 20's...

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