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Before entering her room I asked where Deborah was, she said that she had gone out to the movies with some girlfriends of hers, and here was nobody in the house now. It was very spacious, just that of in porn movies, my first time in a milf’s bedroom I was anxious.

She went into the closet and pulled out the camera! She set it up right behind the bed so that it could take every angle of the whole room, including the bed in the middle of the scene.

Then she smiled and walked over to the camera and turned it on.At thirty six, she was in the prime of her life and sex was a necessary part of it.It had been six months since Roger had touched her, the drink always making him impotent and unwilling to try. She looked at her watch, pm, she would be there after he had gone to bed, but she was sure she knew how to wake him. Lisa identified herself at the desk and picked up the extra key to their room.The one she liked the best was the one of her husband and son together. Only a close up would have revealed Roger's puffy, red rimmed eyes and less than tight features. If he didn't work on high steel construction, where he had to keep in shape, she knew he would be even worse. She had given him fair warning that if he continued drinking she would divorce him.He and Bobby had gone on ahead a week earlier to the lodge where they were to enjoy a short vacation, to do a little fishing. While she no longer loved Roger, she was willing to keep the marriage going if Roger would once again become the lover he had been.

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