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When you first arrive to Nepal, you will have a period to adjust.

Nepal is quite different from other countries, especially those in the Western world.

The Rotterdam Lab programme includes panel discussions on topics such as co-production, development, post-production and film financing, presentations and networking opportunities.

Participants take part in ‘speed dating’ sessions, during which they have time to personally meet with industry delegates and receive advice on their individual projects.

Rotterdam Lab is a five-day training workshop for emerging producers designed to provide the means to create and expand their international network and boost their confidence and skills to navigate the world of international finance, sales and distribution and markets.

Another aim of Rotterdam Lab is to support its participants setting up or adapting their companies within the quickly changing media landscape.

The project is grown out of the needs and demands of the local circumstances in Uganda, South Sudan and Nepal, where education of journalists, media professionals, journalist teachers and researchers is essential to build strong and free media of quality.

The overall goal is to develop and strengthen institutional capacities at the higher education institutions of the network in fulfilling their social responsibilities as generators of knowledge and practices about journalism in post-conflict situations and media’s role in supporting democracy and human rights in Uganda, South Sudan and Nepal.

Project title: Enhancing access, quality and sustainability of teacher training/professional development of teachers using ICTs and distance delivery modes.

Through various project components, the project will contribute to an increased knowledge base regarding ODL in the Nepalese context, by applying different modes of delivery, and create synergies, expanded learning and knowledge development.

Collaboration between the two Nepalese partner universities will in the long term perspective contribute to innovative ways of professional development between the two universities.

The participants are nominated by the 29 Cine Mart partners.

This year, Rotterdam Lab welcomes Arab Cinema Center (Egypt), Docskool (Nepal) and Singapore Film Commission as new partners.

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